Home offices Furniture

It's become increasingly obvious to us at Design Form that home offices are now an essential aspect of many homes, as families are seeking a well-designed space that functions well and complements the surrounding environment.

At Design Form, we are equipped to facilitate the design and manufacturing process by offering knowledge from a highly skilled designer to assist you in choosing your custom-made office furniture. This will allow you to explore the many options available in regards to material selection and finishes whilst working within any necessary budget constraints. Committed to bringing your vision to life, we possess the skills to deliver great results, which sometimes means simply tweaking a design concept and keeping within budget.

home office furniture Melbourne

Our philosophy is to make sure there are no hidden surprises — everyone knows what they are getting. We understand that not all of our clients come from a design background and so spend time to ensure everything is clear before the manufacturing process begins for your custom-made office furniture.

Never limiting ourselves to just one style, we pride ourselves on our creative inclination and love to explore new ideas when given the opportunity.

Design Form is a one-stop business - we design, solve technical issues, manufacture and install. All of our craftsmen are highly trained and always respectful of client's needs.